Liquip Sales QLD understands today’s ever-increasing emphasis on safety in the workplace and the reduction or elimination of risks. Employers and staff are constantly made aware of the dangers presented when dealing with hazardous materials, especially related to the storage and transfer of petrochemical, food and agricultural products. This is where a Flameproofed vehicle (truck cabin) is imperative to ensure a safe working environment for a tanker driver.

Today, as part of our service set, we offer Truck Cabin and Chassis Flame Proofing, executed to meet AS 2809 (including Exhaust conversions). Our highly qualified team can work with you and assist in a tailored solution that can meet our state and national legislation and Australian Standards.

For a more detailed explanation about our Flame Proofing service, the fit-out, time frame for completion and the parts and products used, please contact [email protected].

As part of this service our Flame Proofing work includes the following key undertakings as part of the delivery:

  • All wiring for the rear of the Vehicle Cabin will be installed to meet AS2809 and have a weatherproof IP rating.
  • Battery Isolation Switch
  • Cabin Safety Kit
  • Roll over Sensors
  • Non-essential isolation switch
  • Drivers Door Alarms
  • Safe Load Pass Audit and Certificate
  • Additional Fitting Service eg LED Running Lights etc
  • Deck Plating at rear of the cabin
  • Emergency Engine Shutdown System
  • Exhaust Shrouds
  • Other customised additions

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