Service Vehicles

Designed and built to your specification, our service vehicles will spend their life supplying engine oil, grease, fuel, water and coolants to a wide range of heavy machinery.These vehicles can also be customised for the removal and disposal of waste fluids.

  • Lube Trucks to suit any specification
  • Pneumatic or hydraulic powered pumps
  • Electronic data logging systems
  • Banlaw drybreak technology
  • Constructed form mild steel, stainless steel or Aluminium
  • Drum storage or fabricated tanks
  • Lift-off modules to suit tray back trucks

Defence Fuel Vehicles

Liquip Sales Qld repairs and tests [SLP] Australian Defence Force fuel handling assets utilised for Diesel, Petrol and Aviation fuel.

The types of equipment maintained includes:

  • Tank Pump Assemblies [TPA]
  • Tankers
  • Hydrant carts
  • Filters
  • Pumps
  • Hoses cert & testing
  • Aviation Nozzles

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