Liquip Sales Qld is a specialist manufacturer and supplier and is totally involved in all aspects of the transport of petrochemicals.

We are able to design and manufacture the products you require, provide expert advice and technical support to ensure the vehicle or component works effectively and comply with current regulations.

Liquip’s range of tank truck equipment is perhaps the most extensive product line up available in the world today.

Liquip manufactures the range of products to comply with current worldwide standards. These functionally designed, easy-to-use products have become the trusted name in providing integrity of petrochemical products transported by road throughout the world.

We recognise the special dispensing requirements of downstream distribution. We can build a vehicle to your specifications.

We design and manufacture the products you require and also provide expert advice and ongoing technical support.

Whatever your requirements for Tank Truck components or dispensing equipment, the answer lies with the Liquip Sales Qld have been  involved for over 30 years in the highly specialised area of the transfer of petroleum products.

Fuel Tankers

  • Road Tanker Service and Repairs
  • Service and Maintenance of Liquip Components.
  • Tanker Upgrades
  • Re-Horse & Refit of Road Tankers.
  • Specialised Builds and Fit Outs of Road Tankers.
  • SLP Inspections & Hydrotests. (SLP Approved Inspection No: 401)
  • Tanker Dispensing System Repairs
  • Electronic and Pneumatic Repairs
  • Overfill System Diagnostics and Repairs
  • Meter, Pump and Hosereel Installation, Replacement and Repairs
  • Calibration and Certification of Bulk Flowmetering Systems
  • Supply & Testing of Fuel Delivery & Vapour Hoses
  • Diptronic Road Tanker Installations and Repairs
  • Loading, Discharge & Blending Skids Designed & Fabricated.

Fluid Transfer Tankers

  • Mini Tankers
  • Gas Trucks
  • Bitumen Tankers
  • Waste Removal Tankers

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