The HOST range of Self Bunded Tanks come in sizes starting from 1,000L  capacity, and increase in size up to 110,000L.

The Classic range (12,000L to 110,000L) are based on a standard ISO container footprint for ease of transport. They are also plated for rail, road, and sea transport, offering safe and viable relocation. Cubes and Classic tanks are designed and certified to be stacked four high when empty saving valuable storage space.

Manufactured to meet the Australian standards, AS1940, AS1692, and AS1657 they are all Australian designed and Australian certified. A valuable feature and a sort-after requirement by leading fuel companies and tank end users. Peace of mind for those engineering houses specifying tanks for arduous locations and demanding end users.

Rated and certified for wind loadings in all Australian wind rated areas with unique hold down methods if required. A range of engineering drawings and support is available for each tank design and application/installation.

Combustible liquids, non-hazardous and flammable (up to a maximum of 55,000 L) can be stored, with the flammable content tanks fitted with the appropriate certified signage and relevant venting additions. Diesel distribution, oil storage (both new and waste), and various chemicals, along with many other popular fuel derivatives, may all be stored in these tanks.

All of the ISO Classic range is manufactured in our long term partner’s factory, which allows us to control the quality, design, and eventual price. A competitive priced tank, of a high quality, is assured. The range has models with contained bunded areas as an integral part of the construction and the bulk tanks have a remote bunded provision. This allows for a multitude of pumping solutions to be installed with peace of mind.

With all bolt on parts galvanised, all fasteners stainless steel, and all tank internals lubricated against corrosion, HOST Tanks are one of the Self Bunded Tank innovation leaders. And now as standard, is fitted a hydraulically controlled overfill valve with the highest flow rate available in modern Self Bunded Tanks. This allows a rapid fill rate right up the point of the tank being full and the valve closing. No more wasted time waiting for slow flow rates to get that extra 1,000L or 2,000L into the tank. Tying up fuel company tankers is expensive.

HOST Tanks is proud of the innovation, quality and specifications of the complete range of our tanks.  Please take the time to read the simple design features of our range of tanks and you will find the reason why they are a market leader.

Liquip and our range of tanks combined have over 20 year’s experience in the diesel storage and pumping industry.

Liquip & Host – names you can trust!

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