Liquip recently were asked to manufacture a 12,000L self bunded tank and remote mounted hazardous fuel management system that was delivered to the Amberley Air Force Base.

This unit was deemed to be in a hazardous area by the consulting engineers, so all of the wiring and electrical installations had to meet strict hazardous area regulations. It was required to be a hazardous rated tank.

Before the tank could be commissioned and used, an inspector had to audit the facility and provide a certificate that it met all of the strict requirements.

The hazardous area fuel management system also monitors the tank levels and will provide alarms, SMS messages and emails if the levels are too high or too low. Each vehicle taking fuel is recorded so accurate records are available on line to track and monitor fuel usage. All wiring had to be rated as hazardous area wiring.

Liquip also provided the electrical capacity for the remote fuel management system to send and receive signals to and from a defence force control room on the base.

Another successful project completed by Liquip Sales QLD Pty Ltd